A unique combination of profound knowledge of Latin America,

strong technical skills and outstanding dedication

A solid local network, built-up over 20+ years and a precise understanding of local intricacies

Negotiation expertise in Latin America

Tailor-made approach and a profound knowledge of the regional business cultures: over 400 projects executed by the team

Client comes first

An independent and strategic long-term advisory approach (vs. deal-oriented approach), highly praised by our clients

Agility and flexibility

Local execution closely supervised by the founder: either trusted advisory or

full-service M&A advisory, either exclusive or as co-lead

Precision and combativeness

Precise reading of the negotiation environment, thorough preparation and seamless execution

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Our mission is to help our clients build bridges between Latin America and the rest of the world, thanks to our networks and multicultural spectrum.

In high-level negotiations, I strongly favor the strategic interest of our clients by combining a personalized approach, our proven M&A expertise and an intimate knowledge of the diverse local business environments.

Hakim L. Aouani, founder and CEO