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We are always interested in hearing from talented students and experienced
professionals who share our passion for M&A and Latin America


Our hiring process

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You can apply to our current job openings below. For spontaneous applications, please do not hesitate to send us your CV using the contact form.

We always take the time to carefully look over our spontaneous applications from professionals with all levels of experience, who share both our affinity to Latin America and our values: trust, professional ethics, rigor, agility, pursuit of excellence and teamwork.

We also regularly provide the best students from top universities, engineering and business schools, who are in their gap year or their final year of studies, with the opportunity to discover M&A and to get acquainted with business practices in Latin America through 6-month internships that can be carried out in our Paris office and/or our Latin American offices. 



Yama Darriet 

Intern from January 2018 to June 2018 


My 6-months internship at Euro Latina Finance (of which 3 months spent in Paris and 3 months in São Paulo) was a key moment in my professional development. I had the opportunity to strengthen my knowledge within a stimulating environment, in which I was fully involved in major transactions, presenting a high level of diversity in their nature (buy-side, sell-side, restructuring), geographies or type of client. All along my internship, the very high standards of excellence set both by Euro Latina’s founder and professionals were always coupled with a genuine willingness to contribute to my training, as well as their trust and open door for discussion, for which I am grateful.


Maxime Campelli

Intern from February 2022 to August 2022


My 6-months internship at Euro Latina Finance was captivating and very instructive. I was fully integrated to the team and was able to learn from the experience of Euro Latina Finance’s president, with whom I interacted on a daily basis, which is not common for an M&A internship. Furthermore, I was entrusted with a wide scope of assignments: preparation of company or sector profiles, screening for potential targets, involvement in the elaboration of marketing documents (teaser, CIM, management presentation) or valuation works, data room management.

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François Morandeau

International Volunteer from July 2020 to July 2022 |
Analyst Euro Latina Finance S
ão Paulo since July 2022


After 24 months spent at Euro Latina Finance as an International Corporate Volunteer (“V.I.E.”) within the São Paulo office, I was thrilled to continue working at Euro Latina Finance as a regular employee. My experience allowed me to further strengthen my knowledge of Latin America’s business culture by being involved on each step of various significant cross-border projects: origination, financial analysis and valuation, due diligence…but also negotiations in which I had the opportunity to participate. All this with a “French-style” attention to detail of M&A execution.  

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Stéphane Durlet

Intern from September 2016 to March 2017 |
Analyst Euro Latina Finance Paris since February 2021


I was given the opportunity to spend half of my 6-months internship within Medellin office, allowing me to gain exposure to a unique and fascinating continent while evolving in a highly demanding environment. Beyond the cultural aspect of it, this internship allowed me to develop my analytical and synthetic skills thanks to the precise and constructive feedbacks received on each of my assignments. As an ex-intern, I highly appreciated that Euro Latina Finance kept track of my career, eventually offering me to re-join them after 3 years of professional experience.


Leonardo Agulhon Romanello

Intern from April 2022 to December 2022


I had the opportunity to spend the first part of my internship at the São Paulo office and the second part at the Paris office. Beyond its strong cultural diversity, this experience allowed me to have exposure to various types of management and leadership. Apart from the company’s high technical standards and constant endeavor to train its professionals, I particularly appreciated the opportunity to put into practice the theoretical knowledge acquired as part of my law studies in the analysis of complex legal situations.


Andrés Felipe Niño

Intern from September 2018 to March 2019 |
Analyst Euro Latina Finance Bogotá from 
July 2021 to March 2023


My internship at Euro Latina Finance (of which 3 months in Paris and 3 months in Medellin) was a highly rewarding experience. I gained exposure to a working environment characterized by a high diversity of cultures, nationalities and sectors but where attention to detail and quality of service delivered to client prevail. As an intern, I found highly valuable to be fully integrated to a team spread across 3 offices in distinct countries, but which constantly maintains precise, close and flowing communication for the execution of projects - mainly cross-border deals between Colombia, Brazil and Europe. 

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