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Ricardo Faria   |  Founder and Chairman of Granja Faria (since 2006)

“Euro Latina Finance acted as advisor to French group Elis to whom I sold my company Lavebras in 2017. Although they were acting on the buyer’s side, I appreciated their firm yet empathic and balanced approach to negotiations, which has led us to maintain a close relationship until today.

Their excellent understanding of cultural differences between Europe and Brazil as well as their close proximity to their client proved to be key assets in the success of this transaction.”

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Thierry Fournier  |  CEO Saint-Gobain Latin America (since 2014)

"Euro Latina Finance advises us on several M&A transactions and strategic partnerships in Latin America. They have accurate strategic vision, efficient tactical approach and excellent execution.

I also appreciate their strong corporate DNA and their deep-rooted connections in Latin America which allow them to offer a genuine strategic support to a large group already well established in the region such as Saint-Gobain."

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Juan Rafael Pérez Vélez | CEO BTG Pactual Colombia (since 2016)

"Euro Latina Finance advised the shareholders of Bolsa y Renta in the sale of our company to BTG Pactual, a highly confidential process due to the sector's sensitive nature and the strong regulatory standards applying to both the acquirer and the seller. Euro Latina Finance fully mastered the technical challenges of a mixed cash/stock payment structure, the competitive tension and the not-so-obvious cultural differences involved in the transaction.


They managed to perfectly defend the interests of our firm, preserving the maximum secrecy while nurturing a very close relationship with BTG Pactual."

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Xavier Martiré  |  CEO Elis (since 2008)

"Euro Latina Finance advised Elis on half a dozen acquisitions in Latin America, especially on our two landmark acquisitions in Brazil as well as on our first acquisition in Colombia. Euro Latina Finance also supported us post-acquisition in the constitution of the Board of our Brazilian subsidiary.

On top of their deep knowledge of the business environments in Latin America, they stand out by their true grit to successfully complete projects and their ability to accurately detect weak signals which can lead either to deal failure or success."

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John Ozinga  |  CEO AccorInvest (2014 - 2020)

“Euro Latina Finance has advised AccorInvest on several transactions in South America, more particularly on the acquisition of the property company of the iconic Hotel Santa Clara in Cartagena in Colombia.

Euro Latina Finance was perfectly suited for this transaction thanks to their capacity to entangle a complex shareholding environment and their knowledge of the local business communities in Latin America. “

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François Salamon  |  President Schreiber International Inc. (since 2016)

"Euro Latina Finance has been advising our company for several years as strategic and M&A advisor, supporting our development in Latin America.

Their deep understanding of our business in the dairy industry, their operational expertise in the food retail sector, their objective recommendations as well as their attention to detail are of utmost importance to me: they are truly committed not only to helping their clients make the right decisions, but above all, to refraining them from making bad ones."

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Jean Eichenlaub  |  CEO Qualium Investissement (since 2009)

“Euro Latina Finance has advised us in Latin America on several build-up transactions of our portfolio companies. ​

Their very solid networks and multicultural teams make them one of the very best specialists of Latin America and a first-rate advisor for international groups wishing to enter the region through external growth.”

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